BUNBURY – RD 4: 4/2/18

The Bunbury criterium will take place on the beach front of Koombana Bay. The Bay will be newly refurbished for the Bunbury Criterium, with the official opening being the weekend of the 3rd & 4th February 2018. New gardens, lawned area’s, cooking facilities have been added to make the area an amazing location for racers and spectators alike. Nestled next to the dolphin discovery centre, this is a must visit after your race.  The circuit is a flat 900m course, with spectators having uninterrupted views of the whole circuit. A fully closed environment with new hot-mix has been added for 500m of the circuit which will produce fast lap times, along with 2 corners to test the skill of the riders. Even though this is a flat circuit, the wind from the bay could produce some challenging stretches. 

Event Program

6.45am          Registration opens, closes 15 minutes before each grade

7.00am          New Racer session (20 Min)

7.10am           U13 Mixed grade

7.30am          D grade and E Grade men – U15’s

8.00am          C/D Grade women – U15’s   

8.00am          B Grade women

8.35am           C Grade men

8.45 am          Presentations – previous events

9.10am           B Grade men

10.05am         Little Critters – 15 mins

10.20am         A Grade women

10.25am         Presentations – previous events

11.00am         A Grade men

11.55am          Presentations

Address: Koombana Drive, Bunbury