BUNBURY – RD 4: 4/2/18

The race will be held in the centre of Bunbury, close to shops, beach’s and accommodation.  After marshalling on the paved area next to the start /finish, riders will depart on Blair street and take a quick left turn onto Symmonds Street. Riders will then go left onto Victoria Street, past coffee shops and restaurants. The race will then turn left onto Wellington Street before following a right then left turn onto Hay street before hitting Blair street again for the finishing straight.

This course will make for great viewing with plenty of area’s to spectate from, including open areas to shaded lawns or drinking a coffee on the back straight through town.

All roads will have full road closure to ensure rider safety on this fast flowing 700m street circuit, making this event a spectacle of bike racing to the people of the South West community.


Event Program

6.45am          Registration opens, closes 15 minutes before each grade

7.00am          New Racer session (20 Min)

7.10am           U13 Mixed grade

7.30am          D grade and E Grade men – U15’s

8.00am          C/D Grade women – U15’s   

8.00am          B Grade women

8.35am           C Grade men

8.45 am          Presentations – previous events

9.10am           B Grade men

10.05am         Little Critters – 15 mins

10.20am         A Grade women

10.25am         Presentations – previous events

11.00am         A Grade men

11.55am          Presentations



There is no longer parking permitted on any grassed areas or verges in and around Tech Park.  Riders are encouraged to park south at Centre Point carpark, or north at the Bunbury Entertainment Centre. There will also be parking inside the circuit, however these vehicles will be blocked in for the duration of the event.


Riders are being reminded to please use the facilities provided, especially the toilets, following complaints by residents. To ensure we host these races in the most popular locations in the future, it is important to respect the residents surrounding the event village and race circuit. Toilets will be located near the start finish. Toilets will be located near the start finish.

Coffee shops and restaurants can be found on Victoria Street. Coles can be found in Centre Point and open from 7.00am.

Individual points awarded for a Standard Round.

1st 20

2nd 18

3rd 16

4th 14

5th 12

6th 10

7th 8

8th 6

9th 4

10th 2

Club Points system

Riders receive points towards the Ring Club Award – Standard and Super Crit rounds will be awarded the same points.

1st 5

2nd 4

3rd 3

4th 2

5th 1

Per grade and gender, all added together per round to the clubs tally.

Each grade will follow the below program:

A Men 50min +2

A Women 40 +2 

B Men 40 +2  

B Women 30 +2

C Men 30 +2

C Women 25 +2

D Men 25 +2

D Women 20 + 2

E 20+2 

Under 13’s 15 + 2

New Racer – Coached 20 minutes

Little Critters Under 11’s 2 laps and Bell

Key Contacts

Event/Race Director: Glenn Te Raki 0451 412 809

Chief Commissaire: Ken Wibberley 0416 118 832

Race Timing: Daniel O’Donoghue 0411 131 314

Little Critters coordinator: Natalie Commons 0481 528 531

Address: Blair Street, Bunbury