Series FAQ’s

I’d like to join a club, where can I find my nearest club?

You can find your local club HERE

Do I need to belong to a cycling club to enter these races?

No, you don’t but you do require a Cycling Australia license to race. Available HERE

We encourage you to join a local club, as this is an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded riders and the opportunity to join group rides in your area.

How do I become a Cycling Australia member?

Becoming a member of Cycling Australia is easy! All you need to do is go to the Cycling Australia website and follow the prompts HERE. 

You need a race license from Cycling Australia to race in the Ring. These are available HERE. 

You will need to nominate a club, if you are not a member of a club, find a club HERE. 

Where do I enter?

You can register for the Ring Summer Criterium series HERE.

How much does race registration cost?

$45 and $25 for U13s. Season pass in $185.

How long is the race?

  • A Men: 50 mins + 2 laps (including under 19 men)
  • A Women: 40 mins + 2 laps (including under 19 women)
  • B Men: 40 mins + 2 laps (max grade under 17 men)
  • B Women: 30 mins + 2 laps (max grade under 17 women)
  • C Men: 30 mins + 2 laps (max grade under 15 men)
  • C Women: 25 + 2 laps (max grade under 15 women)
  • D Men: 20 mins + 2 laps
  • D Women: 20 Mins + 2 laps
  • E Mixed: 20 mins + 2 laps (mixed sex racing Under 13’s only)

Can I buy a season pass for all the races as a non-member of a club?

Yes,  you can buy a season pass for all the races.

To get the best value out of membership we recommend you purchase a racing License from Cycling Australia. This will cover you whenever you are on a bike, available HERE

They will ask you to be a member of a club and you can nominate one after looking HERE

Can I get a discount for my transponder with a series pass?

No, the Series Pass is heavily discounted. If you have your own transponder simply tick the box “Not required” and enter your transponder number.  

Can I drop down a grade to increase my chance of winning? 

No, a rider can only move down a grade if the CycleSport WA Grading Committee believe they are better suited to the lower grade.  Riders will also be moved up a grade if the CycleSport WA Grading Committee sees fit. Grading of riders is very important and CycleSport WA monitor the start list.

What time does it start?

Visit each event page for start times.

I have my own My Laps transponder, can I use it?

Yes, please record this in your Entry Boss profile by logging into your account or contacting Entry Boss support HERE

My child is 9, 10, 11 or 12. Can they race?

Yes, they can enter E Grade or Under 13’s. There are no adult racers on the course and it’s about having a go. The format is 20 minute plus 2 laps criterium. Cycling Australia membership is required ($38.65 for 1 race or 1 year from $92.50).

Is the series inclusive?

Yes. We encourage all levels of riders, recognise everyone’s results and know that competing against your friends is a bit of fun. Our rules follow the Cycling Australia technical regulations, we apply them in a fair manner and want you to have a great race day.

How come it costs more than a club race?

The Ring Summer Criterium Series is the pinnacle of summer racing in Western Australia, consisting of fully closed roads and provides a high- quality racing experience for new riders, all the way through to elite A Graders.

The Ring Summer Criterium Series is a safe and inclusive environment that works towards the common goal of involving more people in racing and creating a positive experience for everyone involved.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter. Nominate, pick a grade based on your abilities or age and join in.

I don’t have a race license, can I enter?

You will need a Cycling Australia race license to compete in the Ring Criterium Series.

You have a few options:

1, Purchase your Cycling Australia license HERE and then enter though Entry Boss

2. Get a one-day race license HERE

3. Get a 3-race license: This allows you to enter three races. You can only get a three race license once a season. You can purchase it HERE

What does my entry fee cover?

One race including Transponder. Our events have an ambulance on site, traffic management and a lot of promotion and behind the scenes, but we still have a large volunteer component keeping prices down. We will be adding to the race day experience making it a great day out for you and your family.

Can I change Grades?

Yes, but at the discretion of the grading committee. Please note that we grade our riders, so you may be moved into a different group on the start list. Start lists will be emailed to you and posted to the Ring Crit Series Facebook

Where do I find the start list?

Start lists will be emailed to you and posted to the Ring Crit Series Facebook

Can I get a refund?

Yes, until registrations close. Go to the event entry and ” Scratch” yourself for a full refund.

What facilities are available at each event?

Each event village will have: toilets and a food truck

Where do I park?

Each event has different parking arrangements. Parking details will be advised for each event separately.

Are there any restrictions on bikes?

Your bike will need to conform to the Technical Regulations. 

What to Wear?

Cycling gear of course – registered, neutral or club kit. See all registered kits HERE

How do I become a volunteer?

Every event needs a helper or three. Email us and we will help you help us.

Can I become a Stall Holder or Sponsor?

Sure, get in touch and we will do what we can to promote you and your company. Please email us

Little Critters – do I need to ride with my child?

Yes, a  parent is required for every child. This is an untimed, fun event for children of all ages, the more the merrier. 

Can I enter a race on the day?

We do not accept late entries for graded races. Little Critters can register on event day.

Can I race A Grade with a 3 Race Membership?

No, a full membership is required (Elite or Masters Category). Available HERE