For one day only the Ring will be welcomed to the streets of Leederville.

Following the massive turnout at the Ring Encore in 2017, The Ring returns to the closed streets of Leederville. Leederville is the perfect location to bring a close to the series. It’s not all about A grade racing, with new racers and children all warmly welcomed to the fun and inclusive environment of the Ring. 

Event Program

11.50am          New Racer session (20 Min)

12.10pm          U13 Mixed grade

12.30pm          D grade and E Grade men – U15’s

1.00pm            C/D Grade women – U15’s   

1.00pm            B Grade women

1.35pm            C Grade men

1.45pm            Presentations– previous events

2.10pm            B Grade men

3.05pm            Little Critters – 15 mins

3.20pm            A Grade women

3.25pm            Presentations previous events

4.00pm            A Grade men

5.00pm            Final Presentation

Address: Oxford Street, Leederville