Come take part in the New Racer program powered by Exercise Institute at the Ring Summer Criterium Series.

Criterium (“Crit”) racing is multi lap circuit race and a fun way to start bicycle racing. The session will give you the confidence for your first race.

The program will help you go from new to racing to your first race, or even brush up a rusty rider. Female coaches will be available at each event and welcome female riders in our mixed gender program. It’s a small group of adults and the race course is all yours.

Your Coaches:

Exercise Institute support this program with their professional coaches. They ride regularly, coach riders of all abilities and are looking out for you. They will take 12 riders maximum for each coach. They have professional coaching services available if you want to take your bike riding further.

What you will learn during the session:

  • Group riding etiquette
  • Holding a wheel
  • Cornering with others
  • Basic race tactics
  • What to expect in a Criterium

How it works:

  • Pre Race
    • Buy your “New Racer” ticket online before the event (your race registration is included in this price)
    • Select a race grade for the event- C or D grade only
  • Race Day- attend your “ New racer” session
    • 6:45am Go to the Registration desk and register.
    • 7:00am Go to the “ New racer” meeting point. Look for the New Racer flags near the Registration desk and meet your Coach.
    • “New Racer” development session on the race Course
    • 7.20am Session finishes
    • Race your chosen Grade- C or D grade *
    • See your coach afterwards for some feedback

*Our Coaches will advise you on your selected Grade. They may advise you to change grades based on your skills, experience and Race riding abilities.


Cost: $139/month

What it involves: Access to qualified coaching staff and exercise scientists to fast rack your adaptation and development specific to criterium racing. This involves indoor testing and training, outdoor group sessions and skill based sessions to assist you in navigating criterium racing.

Start date: as soon as you would like to commence!!


  • Attendance is dependent on your availability and is not mandatory throughout the program
  • Indoor power testing and training (to your own ability level) is available 6 days a week from 5:30am to 7pm
  • Group Sessions (approx. 1-1.5hrs):

Tuesday- intermediate development session, understanding tactic and interval work for peak fitness 6am Kings Park

Wednesday- race tactic session, involves replicating race manoeuvres and group riding skills, 6am Narrows Bridge

Wednesday- Womens Cycling Perth session, for women only and offers an introduction to tactic and interval work for peak fitness, 6am Kings Park

Thursday- Advanced Interval session, ideal for those really wanting to push themselves across 1-1.5hrs of hard training, Raffles Hotel 6am

Saturday- Longer strength ride (best completed if NOT racing the next day), this ride improves endurance strength and is around 3-4hrs in length with a varying amount of intensity depending on ability), 6:30am Raffles Hotel.

Saturday (Every 4 weeks) Womens Cycling Perth hills session, for women only and offers an introduction to longer endurance type training to build strength and stamina, 6:30am Raffles Hotel.

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The Ring Summer Series Criterium takes place at the start of summer .Got what it takes? Enter the series to find out.