PEMBERTON – RD 7: 3/3/18

Many riders will be familiar with the testing Pemberton circuit from being part of previous Pemberton Classic events. A 1,500m circuit with a tough climb incorporated. It will be raced around the main streets in Pemberton, with a long straight up Vasse Highway, also taking in Railway Cresent. This circuit is not like the tradition criterium courses we are use too, so expect a tough and testing afternoon of exciting racing.

Please note Round 7 of the Ring is a separate race, not included in the race registration for The Pemberton Classic. For full details and to register, see:

Pemberton Riders Guide

Time chip and number collection

Race Registrations will open at 3 pm. You will need to visit the race registration desk, located outside the Pemberton Library on Brockman Street, to collect your individual race number bib and coloured tag (if applicable). The bib and tag will identify you to event officials; the bib should be affixed to your back or right-side.

A valid Cycling Australia race license is required to compete in the race component of the Pemberton Classic 2018. The registration volunteers will need to cross reference your Cycling Australia race member number to ensure you are licensed to participate in the race. You should have this information including your license readily available at the point of registration. Your license will be retained by the registration volunteers until the return of your bib number.

Note that those participants who need to collect a Racing Day or 3-Race license will need to visit the Racing Day/3-Race license desk PRIOR to visiting the registration desk. These riders will also need to have the Race Commissaire countersign their license prior to racing. Riders are not able to swap grades unless they have received permission from the Race Commissaire.

Event Program

4.00pm – D/E Men 20 mins plus two laps

4.25pm – B Women 25 mins plus two laps

4.25pm – C/D combined Women 20 mins plus 2

4.55pm – U13 Mixed 15 mins plus two laps

4.55pm – C Men 25 mins plus two laps

5.30pm – B Men 30 mins plus two laps

5.30pm – A Women 30 mins plus two laps

6.05pm – A Men 40 mins plus two laps

The Course

Race Assembly

Riders can assemble on Hospital Avenue as this is closed to normal traffic, in preparation for lining up for the start of their respective grade.

Road Rules for Racing

The Criterium element of the Pemberton Classic takes place on a course subject to full road closures. As such, riders should not encounter vehicles on the course, however, event control is still required to provide access to the hospital and therefore the safety vehicle may escort other vehicles to and from the hospital if required.

Riders are reminded to follow the instructions of the police, traffic controllers, and marshalls. Riders must also give way to all safety or emergency vehicles that they may encounter on the course.


This Criterium element of the Pemberton Classic is fully timed (using the Mylaps system) and the results will be published on the event’s website ( and also on the CycleSport WA website within a few days of the end of the event.

Please make sure that you have your timing chip affixed securely to your bicycle, as there is a charge for lost or damaged chips. The timing chips will begin to record a time on first crossing of the start line. Once you have finished the race, please do not re-cross the start line as this may cause a timing error with your timing chip.

Racing notes for riders

  • All distances, start times and neutral zones subject to change at the discretion of the organiser and in consultation with the Commissaire.
  • Grades can be amalgamated at the discretion of the organiser and in consultation with the Commissaire.
  • Electronic timing chips will be used for the Criterium.
  • Places 1 to 3 must be claimed by the line judges.



Toilets are available at Brockman Park on Hospital Avenue.

First Aid

St John Ambulance will have an ambulance on stand-by at the SW end of the course.

The Finish

For those in the top three places of each grade, riders are asked to claim their place with the line judges. Final places will be determined using a combination of timing chip, line camera, visual and claimed information.


The best place for parking is opposite the Pemberton Hotel, however, vehicles will not be able to exit that carpark until the event is completed. Please do not park directly on Brockman Street itself.

Spectator Area

For the road race, the best spectator areas are on Brockman Street. Spectators are encouraged to line the finish area and cheers racers across the line.

After the Race

After the race, if you are not taking part in Sunday’s road race, please return your number bibs to the registration desk and pick up your racing license.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony will be conducted at the Pemberton Mill Hall, Brockman Street Pemberton, at 1 pm on Sunday 4 March 2018.

Individual points awarded for a Standard Round.

1st 20

2nd 18

3rd 16

4th 14

5th 12

6th 10

7th 8

8th 6

Club Points system

Riders receive points towards the Ring Club Award – Standard and Super Crit rounds will be awarded the same points.

1st 5

2nd 4

3rd 3

4th 2

5th 1

Per grade and gender, all added together per round to the clubs tally.

Each grade will follow the below program:

A Men 50min +2

A Women 40 +2 

B Men 40 +2  

B Women 30 +2

C Men 30 +2

C Women 25 +2

D Men 25 +2

D Women 20 + 2

E 20+2 

Under 13’s 15 + 2

New Racer – Coached 20 minutes

Little Critters Under 11’s 2 laps and Bell

Key Contacts

Event/Race Director: Glenn Te Raki 0451 412 809

Race Control: 0429 684236 or 0427 761639

Address: Railway Crescent – Pemberton