Round 9 of the Ring Summer Criterium Series is presented by Peel District Cycling Club 

Address: Smeaton Way, Rockingham WA 6168


  • Very easy car access off Patterson Rd, shaded car parking along the entire 400m finishing straight
  • Coastal, so there’s often a bit of wind to mix things up
  • Flat, wide, smooth surface
  • 1st corner – 90 degree left through roundabout
  • 2nd corner – 90 degree left, watch the manhole near the apex
  • 3rd corner – 90 degree left, crash corner, people often come in too hot with a tailwind
  • 4th corner – 45 degree right
  • 5th corner – 90 degree left, pack position key here
  • Then a long left hand sweeper leading to the finish straight

This is a great course for the new riders with sweeping open corning and wide roads, totally different to the Tech park style of course. If your fitness is not quite up to where it should be, you’ll enjoy this circuit.

Event Program

Event Program

Registration opens: 6:45am

New Racer Program: 7:00am (ride the New Racer session then register for your race)

Under 13’s, mixed (15 mins + 1 lap): 7:00am

E Grade Open Mixed (20 mins + 1 lap): 7:30am

D Grade Men, under 15’s (25 mins + 2 laps): 7:30am

C / D Grade Women (20 minutes + 2 laps): 8:00am

B Grade Women (3o mins + 2 laps): 8:00am

Little Critters: 8:40am

Presentations: 8:50am

C Grade Men, Under 17’s (30 mins + 2 laps): 9:00am

A Grade Women (40 mins + 2 laps): 9:00am

B Grade Men, Under 17’s (40 minutes + 2 laps): 9.50am

Presentations: 10.00am

A Grade Men, Under 19’s (50 minutes + 2 laps): 10.40am

Presentations: 11.50am

Ring Summer Crit Series Rd 2 Smeaton Way