Address: Supreme Loop,  Northlink Industrial Park – Gnangara Circuit


Round 10 is proudly  hosted by Roues Chaudes Cycling Club, Northern Beaches Cycling ClubNorthern Districts Cycling Club and Midland Cycle Club

This is a new circuit in a brand new industrial estate. This track is built for criterium racing; wide open roads, two 90 degree turns and a long sweeping corner at the bottom of the course. The surface is perfect, smooth hotmix. There is almost no elevation gain or loss with the only difficulty coming from the wind. As the circuit is quite exposed and relatively close to the coast the wind can present the biggest challenge. If the wind gets up then it can be expected that most races will finish in a bunch kick. If the Fremantle Doctor is in it is a fast, downwind sprint. Even with no wind, the flat nature of the course means it can be hard to get away and stay away.

Event Program

Registration opens: 6:45am

New Racer Program: 7:00am (ride the New Racer session then register for your race)

Under 13’s, mixed (15 mins + 1 lap): 7:10am

E Grade Open Mixed (20 mins + 1 lap): 7:30am

D Grade Men, under 15’s (25 mins + 2 laps): 7:30am

C / D Grade Women (20 minutes + 2 laps): 8:00am

B Grade Women (3o mins + 2 laps): 8:00am

Little Critters: 8:35am

Presentations: 8:45am

C Grade Men, Under 17’s (30 mins + 2 laps): 8:55am

B Grade Men, Under 17’s (40 minutes + 2 laps): 9.30am

Presentations: 10.00am

A Grade Women (40 mins + 2 laps): 10:15am

A Grade Men, Under 19’s (50 minutes + 2 laps): 11.00am

Presentations: 11.55am