Address: Baker St, Pinjarra WA 6208


Round 12 is proudly  hosted bPeel District Cycling Club.



  • Barker Street in Pinjarra is situated on the outskirts as you enter into the township, enter industrial estate off Pinjarra Rd
  • A circuit just over 1.15km’s long.
  • A simple square box circuit, and like Gnangara, this circuit will be had to break away, so aggressive racing is recommended to wear down your competitors.
  • It’s usually hot and dry, with not much shade so bring sunscreen.
  • A small loop that riders can use to warmup is just off the finish straight.
  • Note: the last corner to the finish line is short with often a lot of jostling for position here, but come in too hot and you’ll be in the gravel.

Event Program

Registration opens: 6:45am

New Racer Program: 7:00am (ride the New Racer session then register for your race)

Under 13’s, mixed (15 mins + 1 lap): 7:10am

E Grade Open Mixed (20 mins + 1 lap): 7:30am

D Grade Men, under 15’s (25 mins + 2 laps): 7:30am

C / D Grade Women (20 minutes + 2 laps): 8:00am

B Grade Women (3o mins + 2 laps): 8:00am

Little Critters: 8:35am

Presentations: 8:45am

C Grade Men, Under 17’s (30 mins + 2 laps): 8:55am

B Grade Men, Under 17’s (40 minutes + 2 laps): 9.30am

Presentations: 10.00am

A Grade Women (40 mins + 2 laps): 10:15am

A Grade Men, Under 19’s (50 minutes + 2 laps): 11.00am

Presentations: 11.55am