Ring series race reporter Glenn Te Raki previews round 11 on the Tech Park circuit.

Another day of close, fast and exciting racing is expected as the Ring returns to the Bentley Tech Park testing circuit on Sunday. With some riders coming off National championship racing and others away at the Oceania championships, the fields we are seeing are riders purely focusing on gaining valuable points in the overall Ring series, many grades are coming down to the wire as every placing counts.

Below you will see the points tables as they stand with ten rounds of racing been run and only two more rounds remaining. There are some obvious stand out performances which will see some clear leaders in certain grades unlikely to be challenged, but you will see with more than200 points still on offer over the coming rounds, we are in for some tactical and close fort battles come Sunday morning.

Mens A grade has Stephen Hall on 555 points holding a 125 point lead over Bryce Lanigan on 430 points with Theo Yates back in third with 285 points. With Lanigan likely to be still away this weekend, Hall has every chance to stamp his authority on this grade of the Ring series.

1              STEPHEN HALL                 555

2              BRYCE LANIGAN               430

3              THEO YATES                      285

4              LEIGHTON COOK              275

5              TRAVIS MEYER                  270

6              MATTHEW PETERSON    245

7              LEWIS MCCREA                  180

8              TIMOTHY SELLAR              175

9              TYLER LINDORFF               155

10           MICHAEL FREIBERG           115


A real battle has been played out in the womens A grade as Melissa Robinson (535) hangs on to a slim 65 point lead over youngster Emily Mascaro (470) and Jade Haines back in third with 355. Mascaro is also set to be absent from this round allowing Robinson every opportunity to gain some important points over her closest rival.

1              MELISSA ROBINSON       535

2              EMILY MASCARO             470

3              JADE HAINES                    355

4              SARAH DUFFIELD            275

5              NATALIE BRITZ                225

6              JESSICA ALLEN                205

7              ERIN KINNEALY               200

8              KYLIE ANTICICH              190

9              CARMEN DE ROOZE        135

10           CORRIE FILLMORE           135


Right from the first round back in November on this same Tech Park circuit, Aron Barclay has showed extreme consistency leading the mens B grade series. Barclay with 500 points has a 140 point lead over fast points ladder climber, Daniel Trinne on 360. The unlucky Daniel Smith is back in third with 355 points, Smith was caught up in a fall in the last round on the Gnangara circuit which robbed him of any ability to gain points in that round.

1              ARON BARCLAY                 500

2              DANIEL TRINNE               360

3              DANIEL SMITH                  355

4              SIMON WINSTON              275

5              BRETT STAPLETON          230

6              DOUG STEWART               195

7              ANDREW FITZGERALD   150

8              JORDAN DAWSON            140

9              JP VAN DER MERWE       140

10           DARREN KINSELLA          140


Young speedsters Danica Wiggins, Dharlia Haines and Laura Hodges are fighting out the points in the womens B grade section, Wiggins has 360 points with Haines just 40 points back in second. Hodges still has every chance of leap frogging both Wiggins and Haines if she can have a strong ride on Sunday, Hodges has 280 points with 100 on offer.

1              DANICA WIGGINS           360

2              DHARLIA HAINES           320

3              LAURA HODGES               280

4              BREE ROGERS                  270

5              EMMA LENDRUM            255

6              LOUISE MCKAY                250

7              ERIN NOLAN                      210

8              STACEY THOMAS             195

9              SARAH TUCKNOTT           160

10           MARGOT BIGGS                  160


Mens C grade has been a real battle of the fast men with Simon Breheny holding a commanding lead on 385 points, 145 points ahead of both Jethro Nagle and Dominic Da Silva who are tied with 240 points.

1              SIMON BREHENY              385

2              JETHRO NAGLE                240

3              DOMINIC DA SILVA         240

4              BARRY RYAN                      225

5              ANTHONY PRESTON       220

6              WAYNE DEANY                  145

7              TIM HARRIS                         140

8              PETER BELLCHAMBERS   120

9              SAM NIKORA                     100

10           ANDRE JANSEN                 100


Olesya Badish has shown consistency throughout her first season of criterium racing in the womens C grade. Badish has 425 points but is only 10 points clear of her closest rival Sara Landridge. Sunday will also see the return of young track rider Kyla Gilbertson who has been absent for a few rounds due to other racing commitments,  Gilbertson is only 10 points back from Langridge on 405.

1              OLESYA BADISH                 425

2              SARA LANGRIDGE            415

3              KYLA GILBERTSON          405

4              EMILY WIGGINS               385

5              MEGAN STALKER             205

6              ROSE SELLAR                    185

7              JESSICA WALDRON         130

8              ALLISON WIGGINS          125

9              KATHERINE BRYNE        115

10           MELISSA PERRY                 115


One of the closest battles all season has been in the mens D grade. After a strong start to the season, fast man Richard Reeves jumped away to an early lead but it’s been the consistency of Ja-Yang Yen and his Champion Lakes Development team that has kept Reeves at bay. Reeves on 525 points holds a lead of only 50 points over Yen (475). Nicolas Tan in back in third spot with 250 points.

1              RICHARD REEVES             525

2              JA-YANG YEN                     475

3              NICHOLAS TAN                 250

4              YAROSLAV VOLKOV        190

5              JOSHUA COMMONS         160

6              ANTHONY RIECK              130

7              TOM BECKERLING           105

8              BEN BRAITHWAITE         100

9              GLEN SYCAMORE             100

10           ALBERT ULLBRICHT          95


In a mentoring role while racing in the womens D grade, Heather Connan has been great guiding all the new riders that have come along to the series this season for their first time, Connan has an unsalable lead in this grade with 505 points. Hannah Waters sits in second position on 215 points but has since moved herself up into the C grade division.

1              HEATHER CONAN             505

2              HANNAH WATERS            215

3              EMILY WIGGINS                200

4              ISABELLA COMMONS      175

5              ANNA HEITZ                        130

6              CATHERINE ZAINUDIN   100

7              KIMBERLEY KRIVAN        100

8              KIRSTY AUGUSTON          100

9              DANA HEDGES                   100

10           PIP PIENAAR                        100


Mike Madsen leads the mens E grade with 460 points with Tom Power back in second on 400 points. Power has been absent for a few rounds also leaving Madsen likely to hold on to the top spot again this weekend. Simon Stolton is back in third with 285 points.

1              MIKE MADSEN                460

2              TOM POWER                    400

3              SIMON STOLTON           285

4              DAMON SICE                   175

5              MARK DRING                   175

6              REX TUNKS                      130

7              CHRIS ROUSE                   130

8              RYAN WALPOLE              100

9              NOAH DOWLING              40

10           TBA                                     TBA


In the U13 grade we have seen the emergence of a young star in the making, winning all six of his starts, Ashton Sime has dominated this grade holding a leading margin of 210 points with a total of 600. The consistency of Joshua Trinne has him holding second spot on 390 points just 30 points clear of Jordan Williams.

1              ASHTON SIME                    600

2              JOSHUA TRINNE               390

3              JORDAN WILLIAMS          360

4              KEEGAN DRING                 325

5              COOPER HISCOX               260

6              LUCA WOODS                     230

7              THOMAS ALEXANDER     205

8              ISABELLA COMMONS      175

9              MAX STRIZEK                    150

10           FRASER BYTHEWAY          100


So this weekends battles are far from over and we welcome everyone along to check out the racing and cheer on your favourites and we get close to bringing the Ring to a close on the 26th of March….

Or is there more to come…?