Address: 2 Brodie-Hall Dr, Bentley WA 6102

The Ring Summer Criterium Series returns to Tech Park, Bentley on Sunday 12th March 2017.

Round 11 is proudly  hosted by Roues Chaudes Cycling Club and South Perth Cycle Club

Technology Park Bentley provides a near perfect venue for criterium racing. Spectators are able to get an excellent view of the racing from the shady grassed banked area on the home straight and it is ideally situated close to the CBD. The riders get to enjoy a circuit that has a bit of everything.

The finish straight on Brodie Hall Driver has a slight incline that is guaranteed to break the race up as the pace goes on. After the start / finish straight the circuit drops significantly into a fast, slightly off camber 90 degree left hander. For the more skilled rider, this corner can be taken without any braking. For the less brave rider they can quickly find themselves losing the wheel in front and having to sprint hard to get back on. This combined with the incline on the home straight can lead to a high attrition rate. The bottom straight leads into a sweeping left hander back onto Brodie Hall Drive. Riders then accelerate back up the hill to the start / finish line.

The circuit provides a true test for all riders, it rewards the strong and skilled bike rider. It is not uncommon to see a win from a breakaway on this course.

Event Program

Registration opens: 6:45am

New Racer Program: 7:00am (ride the New Racer session then register for your race)

Under 13’s, mixed (15 mins + 1 lap): 7:10am

E Grade Open Mixed (20 mins + 1 lap): 7:30am

D Grade Men, under 15’s (25 mins + 2 laps): 7:30am

C / D Grade Women (20 minutes + 2 laps): 8:00am

B Grade Women (3o mins + 2 laps): 8:00am

Little Critters: 8:35am

Presentations: 8:45am

C Grade Men, Under 17’s (30 mins + 2 laps): 8:55am

B Grade Men, Under 17’s (40 minutes + 2 laps): 9.30am

Presentations: 10.00am

A Grade Women (40 mins + 2 laps): 10:15am

A Grade Men, Under 19’s (50 minutes + 2 laps): 11.00am

Presentations: 11.55am


Ring Summer Criterium Series Technology Park map