About The Village at Wellard

A warm welcome to The Village at Wellard as our presenting partner for the first Super Crit of the Series.

The Village at Wellard is a master-planned community with a train station at its heart connecting you to Perth CBD in just 31 minutes. Enjoy family time or explore the outdoors with 30 hectares of landscaped parklands, 10 hectares of wetlands and 17 hectares of retained natural bushland.

We can’t wait to take the first Super Crit to Wellard!

The Course

Wellard Riders Guide

This event will be raced in the heart of the Wellard Shopping Village, incorporating fast hot-mix, sweeping corning in a built up environment. A tight 900 meter exciting circuit, offering that continental European feel. If you liked the Leederville street circuit, you’ll love this new addition to the Ring series. Local businesses will be offering street stalls and with plenty of food and beverages available.

Event Program

12.00pm          New Racer session (20 Min)

12.10pm          U13 Mixed grade

12.30pm          D grade and E Grade men – U15’s

1.00pm            C/D Grade women – U15’s   

1.00pm            B Grade women

1.35pm            C Grade men

1.45pm            Presentations– previous events

2.10pm            B Grade men

3.05pm            Little Critters – 15 mins

3.20pm            A Grade women

3.25pm            Presentations previous events

4.00pm            A Grade men

5.00pm            Final Presentation


We have some excellent professional photographers from our media partner Cycliq on course to capture you in action. Unaccredited photographers are NOT allowed past the fence line. Please share your images using #ringwellard
Drones are not permitted on course.

Crossing Points

There will be a road crossing control marshals at the 100-metre points along ‘The Strand’ to manage walkers wanting to cross the road/race circuit, pedestrians will be allowed to cross once the marshal deems the road is safe and clear.

Parking and Public Transport

The best option is public transport via the Wellard train station. Parking will also be available in the Wellard Village Shopping centre off Lambeth Cir and Chiswick Parade.

Spectator Points

The top of ‘The Strand’ offers the best viewing point, allowing for visuals on the rider for the home straight and finish line. The sweeping bottom corner on Pimlico Cres where the riders will be hitting top speed is another great spot to catch the action.

Warm up area

There will be no warming up on the race circuit after 11.30am. The recommended areas are: Henley Blvd, Runnymede Gate and Lambeth Cir.

Team Marquees

All Team marquees are to be erected on Runnymede Gate, between The Strand and Piccadilly Lane, plus there is no access via cars after 11.30am.

Individual points awarded for a Super Crit Round

1st 30
2nd 27
3rd 24
4th 21
5th 18
6th 15
7th 12
8th 9
9th 6
10th 3

Club points system

Riders receive points towards the Ring Club Award – Super Crit rounds:

1st 7.5

2nd 6

3rd 4.5

4th 3

5th 1.5

Per grade and gender, all added together per round to the clubs tally.

A Men 50min +2

A Women 40 +2

B Men 40 +2

B Women 30 +2

C Men 30 +2

C Women 25 +2

D Men 25 +2

D Women 20 + 2

E 20+2

Under 13’s 15 + 2

New Racer – Coached 20 minutes

Little Critters Under 11’s 2 laps and Bell

Key Contacts

Event Director: Glenn Te Raki 0451 412 809

Race Director: Mark Glorie

Chief Commissaire: Ken Wibberley

Commissaires: Richard Barville and Natalie Commons

Little Critters Coordinator: Natalie Commons 0481 528 531

Address: The Strand, Wellard